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Our honey is 100% bee-made from over 100 different plants in Jamaica. From soursop, star apple, avocado, to name a few. This creates a multi nutrient powerhouse perfect for sweetening up your favorite treats or adding an extra boost of yum to any dish. Try it in your morning oats or smoothies for a bold-flavor adventure! Ingredients: Honey 

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Aycen Zambuto
A New Perspective on Honey

I've always enjoyed honey in my tea. However, when I received my Kickin' Bee honey, my entire view of honey changed. Realizing just how good honey can actually taste, Kickin' Bee honey has worked its way onto my table for breakfast, snack and desert!

Whether you're a lifelong honey enthusiast, or an occasional honey enjoyer like myself, I highly recommend this product.

Ray Huntz
Deliciousness a'comin

Outstanding fruity/floral taste! Great on cornbread and biscuits!

Michelle Dabrowski
Excellent Honey

was very excited to receive this, and it did not disappoint, totally recommend!!!

Amazing taste, Gorgeous wrapping

The honey was amazing, the branding and bottling was so beautiful. Planning to give some out for christmas!

Maureen Usher
Lovely, bright flavor

This honey is delicious! Has a unique brightness to the flavor that add a little extra to the classic honey taste you're used to. My step-daughter loves it and it's the perfect addition to snacks or dessert.

Important Honey Insights


All honey comes in PET plastic jars. Fully recyclable.

Lab Tested

Our honey is lab tested for adulteration, mold, yeast, and bacteria using Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and microbiology testing. NMR is a powerful analytical tool which can be used for authenticating honey.

You can read more about this technology here

100 + Diverse Plants

Bursting with the essence of over 100 diverse island plants, such as mango, soursop, and star apple. Each golden drop tells a botanical story and holds a delicious lesson in biodiversity.


Caution:  Bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people.Due to honey content, not recommended for children under two.


Jamaican honey varies Due to seasonal availability of flowering plants and changes in nature. Different times of the year bring forth different blooms, resulting in seasonal honey variations with their own unique color and flavor profiles.

Because we don’t control nature, subtle hues and flavor profiles in each batch may vary.