An Origin Story

In my 20’s I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis while studying to be a food scientist. Determined to find solutions, I began my adventure to research everything to do with nutrition and understand foods' effects on disease. What I discovered was an industry riddled with deception by adulterating seemingly natural foods to cut costs and exploit farmers.

After a trip to Jamaica, my grandmother brought back a bottle of honey for me to try. At the time, I disliked honey as it reacted poorly with my body, tended to be adulterated and in my opinion, tasted bad. 

This honey was different, it was deep in flavor, not too sweet and fruity. It digested better for me while energizing me without any crash. 

By 2020, the memory of this honey became the blueprint for a transparent food brand I began, offering a raw, real connection of natures dots, to pure and natural food. With additional inspiration from life’s pollinators— Kickin’ Bee was born. 

The adventure of life is riddled with ups and downs, but our commitment to having your back with real food is certain. We test every batch for pathogens and authenticity so you can feel confident every drizzle is pure goodness. 

I hope you saddle up and ride this adventure with us. 

Taste the adventure!